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We’re Losing ‘Orphan Black’ Right When We Need It the Most

Glamour was kind enough to let me wax poetic about the end of Orphan Black, a show I’ll miss like crazy now that it’s finished.  The best part of this is that I got to chat with the wonderful women of the series, including Tatiana Maslany, Evelyne Brochu, Maria Doyle Kennedy, and Kathryn Alexandre.

Here’s an excerpt:

Indeed, witnessing characters who on surface level embody somewhat clichéd archetypes—the soccer mom, the hustler, the hippie stoner—evolve and expand has been a joy (and a whole lot of fun) to behold. Take clean-cut Allison, married with two perfect children, living in a big house, and coaching the kids’ soccer team. You probably wouldn’t expect her to be a drug dealer with bodies buried in her garage, right? Then there’s Helena, a trained assassin who has no trouble gouging out the eyes of her enemies bare-handed but has a soft spot for her “miracle bebes.” And Cosima isn’t just a lesbian stoner, she’s also a brilliant scientist who, along with her girlfriend, Delphine, manages to find a cure for the clone disease that threatened to kill her; Sarah is a troubled bad girl, and also a fiercely loyal friend, mother, and daughter; Mrs. S is a devoted mama bear and a badass protector of the voiceless who was willing to lay down her life for the cause (RIP, Siobhan).

Read the full piece over at Glamour.



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