Now reading Why ‘Law & Order: SVU’ Will Never — And Must Not — Die


Why ‘Law & Order: SVU’ Will Never — And Must Not — Die

Who doesn’t love SVU? No one, I’m convinced.

Here’s an excerpt on my latest piece for Decider:

While it may seem SVU has mined the depths of every depraved sexually-based offense in the book and then some, many several times over, the series somehow manages to avoid the slumps that often come with a show wearing out its welcome, so to speak. This is likely because its writing team regularly blends fact with fiction in innovative ways, pulling from major headlines and maneuvering just enough to create vaguely recognizable storylines that are just different enough to escape real-life litigation from those who inspired it. Given that there’s no shortage of terrible people in the world, there’s no dearth in possible Law & Order: SVUmstorylines, and as morbid as it sounds, that’s kind of a good thing here.

Read the full piece over at Decider.


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