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‘Grace And Frankie’ Is Netflix’s Most Underrated Jewel

If you don’t love Grace & Frankie, what’s wrong with you? It’s a total joy in every possible way, as I talk about in a new piece for Decider.

Here’s an excerpt:

It’s hard to pinpoint what makes Grace and Frankie so damn good—and make no mistake, this is a pretty objective view. Everyone from The Guardian to The New York Times has sung its praises, the latter going so far as to call the series a “new age” of comedy (har har). The pedigree of its cast goes a long way, naturally, with all four leads having been gifted with uniquely different comedic senses and universally perfect timing. There’s also the chemistry between them, which is natural yet undeniable. Fonda brings a high-strung, neurotic flair to Grace while Tomlin’s Frankie wonderfully teeters between hyper-awareness of the big concepts in life and completely cluelessness of normal, day-to-day decorum. Together, they bounce off one another so well that the amount of LOL-worthy moments are as much due to their delivery as they are to the script.

Read the full piece over on Decider.


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