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Can A Major Reboot Save ‘Once Upon A Time’?

Yep, I’m talking about Once Upon A Time again, this time for Paste Mag.

Here’s an excerpt:

Longtime fans of Once will likely be approaching Season Seven with some amount of trepidation and ambivalence. On the one hand, it’s clear things had been declining rapidly for the past several seasons, and if the show was to continue, a big change needed to be made. On the other hand, humans are creatures of habit, and losing most of the original cast we’d come to know and at least tolerate—if not love—isn’t an easy adjustment. Still, Once’s original premise was so unique and inspiring that it’s hard not to root for the show even now. Perhaps a (nearly) clean slate is exactly what it needs to find itself again, and even to flourish—or so we can hope.

Read the full piece over at Paste.


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